Projet Ercoupe E415 - Modelisation 2

ercoupe 415C - 3D model for X-Plane - WIP01

ercoupe 415C - 3D model for X-Plane - WIP01


1. Le vendredi 31 décembre 2010, 17:05 par John Mecray

Please excuse the English.
I very much look forward to buying this plane. I grew up in my father's Ercoupe, NC99410.
I have many fond memories of flying in the Cape May, NJ area in the 1950's.

2. Le samedi 1 janvier 2011, 21:48 par Arno54

you won't buy the plane as this one is intended to fly freeware ;-)
If everything goes fine, you should get it around January 15th, by
Khamsin is working hard to have it done and nice, Ercoupe's gentlemen should enjoy it a lot !